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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Intensity of official futsal matches.Rodrigues, Vinícius de Matos; Ramos, Guilherme Passos; Mendes, Thiago Teixeira; Cabido, Christian Emmanuel Torres; Melo, Eliney S.; Condessa, Luciano Antonacci; Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Garcia, Emerson Silami
2016Elderly hypertensive subjects have a better profile of cardiovascular and renal responses during water-based exercise.Gomes, Samuel Gamarano; Silva, Luis Gustavo Gomides; Santos, Tássia Mara Silva dos; Totou, Nádia Lúcia; Souza, Perciliany Martins de; Pinto, Kelerson Mauro de Castro; Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker
2015The alpha-actinin-3 R577X polymorphism and physical performance in soccer players.Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Pimenta, Eduardo Mendonça; Cruz, Izinara Rosse da; Veneroso, Christiano Eduardo; Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker; Carvalho, Maria Raquel Santos; Pussieldi, Guilherme de Azambuja; Garcia, Emerson Silami
2016Effects of human head hair on performance and thermoregulatory responses during 10-km outdoor running in healthy men.Martini, Angelo Ruediger Pisani; Ferreira Júnior, João Batista; Borba, Diego de Alcantara; Coelho, Leonardo Gomes Martins; Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Prado, Luciano Sales
2016Exercise intensity during official soccer matches.Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Paixão, Rodney Coelho da; Oliveira, Emerson Cruz de; Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker; Ferreira Júnior, João Batista; Coelho, Leonardo Gomes Martins; Dias, João Carlos; Garcia, Emerson Silami
2016Comparison of different ways of expressing creatine kinase concentration of soccer players during a competitive season.Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Cabido, Christian Emmanuel Torres; Ciminelli, Victor Augusto Lemos; Coelho, Leonardo Gomes Martins; Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker; Pereira, Emerson Rodrigues; Marins, João Carlos Bouzas; Garcia, Emerson Silami
2017Análise cinemática do movimento do chute no futsal com aproveitamentos diferentes.Feres, Fernando Castro; Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Marson, Runer Augusto
2016Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ace-i/d) polymorphism frequency in brazilian soccer players.Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Pimenta, Eduardo Mendonça; Cruz, Izinara Rosse da; Veneroso, Christiano Eduardo; Pussieldi, Guilherme de Azambuja; Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker; Carvalho, Maria Raquel Santos; Garcia, Emerson Silami
2019Lifetime overproduction of circulating angiotensin‑(1‑7) in rats attenuates the increase in skeletal muscle damage biomarkers after exhaustive exercise.Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker; Totou, Nádia Lúcia; Oliveira, Mariana Flávia; Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Oliveira, Emerson Cruz de; Santos, Daisy Motta; Garcia, Emerson Silami; Santos, Maria José Campagnole dos; Santos, Robson Augusto Souza dos
2019Are neighborhood characteristics associated with sedentary behavior in adolescents? : a systematic review.Parajára, Magda do Carmo; Castro, Bruno Magalhães de; Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Meireles, Adriana Lúcia