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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Long-lasting cardiovascular effects of liposomes-entrapped angiotensin-(1-7) at the rostral ventrolateral medulla.Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva; Frezard, Frederic Jean Georges; Caligiorne, Sordaini Maria; Santos, Robson Augusto Souza dos
2012Preclinical monitoring of drug association in experimental chemotherapy of Chagas’ disease by a new HPLC-UV method.Silva, Ricardo Moreira da; Oliveira, Líliam Teixeira; Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva; Souza, Jacqueline de; Lana, Marta de
2013Development and validation of an analytical method for quantification of arsenic and antimony in liposomes using inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry.Reis, Priscila Gomes dos; Abreu, Adriana Trópia de; Guimarães, Andrea Grabe; Teixeira, Mônica Cristina; Souza, Jacqueline de; Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva
2019Patient safety in primary health care and polypharmacy : cross-sectional survey among patients with chronic diseases.Araújo, Lorena Ulhôa; Santos, Delba Fonseca; Bodevan, Emerson Cotta; Cruz, Hellen Lilliane da; Souza, Jacqueline de; Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva
2013Hepatotoxicity of pentavalent antimonial drug : possible role of residual Sb(III) and protective effect of ascorbic acid.Kato, Kelly Cristina; Teixeira, Eliane Morais; Reis, Priscila Gomes dos; Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva; Salaün, Pascal; Campos, Paula Peixoto; Corrêa Junior, José Dias; Rabello, Ana Lúcia Teles; Demicheli, Cynthia Peres; Frezard, Frederic Jean Georges
2020The evaluation of valsartan biopharmaceutics properties.Castro, Lara Maria Lopes de; Souza, Jacqueline de; Caldeira, Tamires Guedes; Mapa, Bruna de Carvalho; Soares, Anna Flávia Matos; Gomes, Bruna Pegorelli; Croce, Carolina Carvalho Della; Barcellos, Neila Marcia Silva