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Title: Cellular immunophenotypic profile in the splenic compartment during canine visceral leishmaniasis.
Authors: Reis, Alexandre Barbosa
Carvalho, Andréa Teixeira de
Giunchetti, Rodolfo Cordeiro
Roatt, Bruno Mendes
Vital, Wendel Coura
Nicolato, Roney Luiz de Carvalho
Lemos, Denise da Silveira
Oliveira, Rodrigo Corrêa de
Martins Filho, Olindo Assis
Keywords: Leishmania infantum
Canine visceral leishmaniasis
Splenic compartment
Cellular immune response
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: REIS, A. B. et al. Cellular immunophenotypic profile in the splenic compartment during canine visceral leishmaniasis. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, v. 157, p. 190-196, 2013. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 13 ago. 2014.
Abstract: To determine the role of the spleen in the pathogenesis of canine visceral leishmaniasis (CVL), we analyzed cellular immunophenotypic profiles of 52 dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum, clinically classified as follows: asymptomatic dogs-I (AD-I), seroneg-ative/PCR+; asymptomatic dogs-II (AD-II), seropositive/PCR+; oligosymptomatic dogs (OD) and symptomatic dogs (SD). Seven non-infected dogs (CD) were included as a control group. AD-II presented higher levels of CD8+ T splenocytes and lower TCD4+/TCD8+ ratio in com-parison with CD. OD and SD showed lower percentages of CD21+ as compared with AD-II. All seropositive dogs presented lower levels of CD45RA+ than CD. Regardless of the stimuli used, the proliferation index from splenocytes in vitro was inversely correlated with clini-cal status. After LSA stimulation, there was a higher percentage of specific CD8+ T in AD-II than CD and non-stimulated culture. In contrast, splenocytes from SD under in vitro LSA stimulation induced decreased MHC-II+ expression in comparison with all groups, and non-stimulated culture. In conclusion, the role of CD8+ T splenocytes seems to be important for an effective immunological response, a hallmark of asymptomatic CVL, whereas the pro-nounced loss of MHC-II expression upon LSA stimulation is a biomarker of symptomatic CVL.
ISSN: 0165-2427
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