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Title: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic potential of MgNiO2 nanoparticles obtained froma novel [MgNi(opba)]n . 9nH2O chain.
Authors: Rodrigues, Thenner Silva
Fajardo, Humberto Vieira
Dias, Anderson
Mezzalira, Daniela Paula Dal Zot
Probst, Luiz Fernando Dias
Stumpf, Humberto Osório
Barros, Wdeson Pereira
Profiles, Gilmar Pereira Souza
Keywords: Oxamato chain
Ethanol decomposition
Metal oxide nanoparticles
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: RODRIGUES, T. S. et al. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic potential of MgNiO2 nanoparticles obtained froma novel[MgNi(opba)]n . 9nH2O chain. Ceramics International, v. 42, p. 13635-13641, 2016. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 15 set. 2017.
Abstract: We describe herein the synthesis of MgNiO2 nanoparticles employing a new one-dimensional system [MgNi(opba)]n . 9nH2O, with opba standing for ortho-phenylenebis(oxamato), as precursor. The MgNiO2 nanoparticles could be obtained after heat-treatment at 800 °C for 5 h under air atmosphere, which was responsible for the elimination of water and organic precursor material leading the formation of na- noparticles with average size of 40 7 9 nm. To this end, we first described the synthesis of [MgNi (opba)]n . 9nH2O chain, which was obtained using a pre-synthetized Na2[Ni(opba)] . 5H2O and Mg2 þ (molar ratio of 1:1) in aqueous media and then this chain was calcined to produce the desired MgNiO2 nanoparticles. The obtained MgNiO2 nanoparticles showed good catalytic performance towards ethanol decomposition achieving 100% of substrate conversion and producing acetaldehyde (56.8%) and hydro- gen (24.8%) as the main gaseous products. Also, carbon based structures of great interest for technolo- gical applications, carbon nanotubes and onions were formed as valuable byproducts. Thus, we believe that our reported results may inspire the synthesis of catalysts with improved performances for appli- cations in other gas-phase transformations.
ISSN:  02728842
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