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Title: DERIN : a data extraction method based on rendering information and n-gram.
Authors: Figueiredo, Leandro Neiva Lopes
Assis, Guilherme Tavares de
Ferreira, Anderson Almeida
Keywords: Rendering information
Visual information
Main data region
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: FIGUEIREDO, L. N. L.; ASSIS, G. T. de; FERREIRA, A. A. DERIN : a data extraction method based on rendering information and n-gram. Information Processing & Management, v. 53, p. 1120-1138, 2017. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 16 jan. 2018.
Abstract: Extracting data from web pages is an important task for several applications such as com- parison shopping and data mining. Ordinarily, the data in web pages represent records from a database and are obtained using a web search. One of the most important steps for extracting records from a web page is identifying out of the different data regions, the one containing the records to be extracted. An incorrect identification of this region may lead to an extraction of incorrect records. This process is followed by the equally important step of detecting and correctly splitting the necessary records and their attributes from the main data region. In this study, we propose a method for data extraction based on render- ing information and an n-gram model (DERIN) that aims to improve wrapper performance by automatically selecting the main data region from a search results page and extracting its records and attributes based on rendering information. The proposed DERIN method can detect different record structures using techniques based on an n-gram model. More- over, DERIN does not require examples to learn how to extract the data, performs a given domain independently and can detect records that are not children of the same parent el- ement in the DOM tree. Experimental results using web pages from several domains show that DERIN is highly effective and performs well when compared with other methods.
ISSN: 03064573
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