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Title: The influence of the geometry of a three orifice nozzle on the flowfield inside a beam blank mold.
Authors: Gabriel, Weslei Viana
Peixoto, Johne Jesus Mol
Silva, Ciro Azevedo
Silva, Carlos Antônio da
Silva, Itavahn Alves da
Seshadri, Varadarajan
Keywords: Beam blank
Continuous casting
Fluid flowa
Submerged entry nozzles
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: GABRIEL, W. L. et al. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, v. 245, p. 232-240, 2017. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 29 set. 2017.
Abstract: A single nozzle design with three lateral ports has been proposed to feed a beam blank mold. Techniquesof physical modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were applied to evaluate the fluid flowas a function of port angle, immersion depth and flow rate. The overall features of the flow field are notaffected by changing the values of these parameters. The proposed design is characterized by: increasingfluctuation intensity at the meniscus and high impact velocities in certain regions of the broad face of theflanges. The oscillation intensity increases with decreasing immersion depth, increasing inclination of theexit ports, and increasing flow rates. These values vary also along the free surface of the mold, being largeron the flange opposite to the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) for all configurations. The impact velocitiesat the flange were affected only by the flow rate, reaching a maximum value of 0.45 m/s.
ISSN: 09240136
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