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2015Optimization of the in-situ U-Pb age dating method via LA-Quadrupole-ICP-MS with applications to the timing of U-Zr-Mo mineralization in the Poços de Caldas Alkaline Complex, SE Brazil.Takenaka, Lynthener Bianca; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Abreu, Adriana Trópia de
2000Syn-collisional peraluminous magmatism in the Rio Doce region : mineralogy, geochemistry and isotopic data of the Urucum suite (eastern Minas Gerais state, Brazil).Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Bilal, Essaid; Neves, José Marques Correia
2015Petrogenesis and tectonic of the Urucum granitic suite, Rio Doce Valley (Minas Gerais – Brazil) : an example of syn to late collisional peraluminous magmatism associated with high-angle transcurrent shear zone.Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Machado, Rômulo; Bilal, Essaid
2015Geochemical mapping of arsenic in surface waters and stream sediments of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil.Costa, Raphael de Vicq Ferreira da; Leite, Mariangela Garcia Praça; Mendonça, Fellipe Pinheiro Chagas; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias
2015Geochemical fingerprint of siliceous, amphibolitic and magnetitic itabirite types of the region of Serra Azul – Quadrilátero Ferrífero, MG.Alkmim, Ana Ramalho; Sampaio, Geraldo Magela Santos; Dantas, Júlia Cotta Maciel; Abreu, Adriana Trópia de; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias
2012Evaluation of the mineral exploration influence on sediment composition in the Gualaxo do Norte River Basin (MG-Brazil) based on geochemical and stratigraphic data.Rodrigues, Aline Sueli de Lima; Malafaia, Guilherme; Costa, Adivane Terezinha; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias
2006Sediment contamination in floodplains and alluvial terraces as an historical record of gold exploitation in the Carmo River basin, Southeast Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil.Costa, Adivane Terezinha; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Castro, Paulo de Tarso Amorim; Lena, Jorge Carvalho de; Morgenstern, Peter; Friese, Kurt
2015Iron Quadrangle stream sediments, Brazil : geochemical maps and reference values.Vicq, Raphael de; Matschullat, Jörg; Leite, Mariangela Garcia Praça; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Mendonça, Fellipe Pinheiro Chagas
2017A new appraisal of sri lankan bb zircon as a reference material for LA-ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology and Lu-Hf isotope tracing.Santos, Maristella Moreira; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Buick, Ian S.; Schmitz, Mark D.; Kamo, Sandra L.; Gerdes, Axel; Corfu, Fernando; Tapster, Simon; Lancaster, Penelope; Storey, Craig Darryl; Basei, Miguel Ângelo Stipp; Tohver, Eric; Alkmim, Ana Ramalho; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Krambrock, Klaus Wilhelm Heinrich; Leite, Cristiano Fantini; Wiedenbeck, Michael
2007Study of the erosion rates in the upper Maracujá Basin (Quadrilátero Ferrífero/MG, Brazil) by the in situ produced cosmogenic 10Be method.Salgado, André Augusto Rodrigues; Varajão, César Augusto Chicarino; Colin, Fabrice; Braucher, Régis; Varajão, Angélica Fortes Drummond Chicarino; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias