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Title: The optimal design of HTS devices.
Authors: Das, Rajeev
Oliveira, Fernando Bernardes de
Guimarães, Frederico Gadelha
Lowther, David A.
Keywords: Superconducting materials
Numerical analysis
Electromagnetic fields
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: DAS, R. et al. The optimal design of HTS devices. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, v. 50, p. 249-252, 2014. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 28 jul. 2017.
Abstract: In the design of High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) based electromagnetic devices, some of the major challenges include AC loss reduction, minimization of heat leakage, and reduction of the amount of HTS material used in order to decrease cost. This paper considers a computer model of HTS based leads involving a multiphysics scenario that takes into account the electromagnetic and thermal behavior of the system. The work provides an optimum solution by applying an approach based on Multi Objective Optimization (MOO). The proposed framework provides a technique to optimize effectively HTS leads, which not only deals with the non-linear aspect of HTS materials but also includes a multiphysics environment.
ISSN: 00189464
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