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Title: Application of an IT evaluation method.
Authors: Ribeiro, Priscilla Cristina Cabral
Scavarda, Annibal José
Batalha, Mário Otávio
Bailey, DeeVon
Keywords: Evaluation
Information technology
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: RIBEIRO, P. C. C. et al. Application of an IT evaluation method. International Journal of e-Business Management, v. 3, p. 24-42, 2009. Disponível em: <;dn=160436550337257;res=IELBUS>. Acesso em: 20 jul. 2017.
Abstract: This paper presents an application of an information technology (IT) evaluation method in three ranches in the American (United States) cattle chain. This method was built on some information systems (IS), IT, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) evaluation models, according to its focus (RFID technical aspects). Some IT is used to trace products from their source until their destination. Traceability systems are more general than identification systems, which are the central focus, RFID being the paradigm example. Although some ranchers have used RFID tags to help monitor animal health and quality, they frequently supplement RFID with plastic ear tags to reduce cost. Taking a qualitative approach, the results of this study are derived from case studies with interviews.
ISSN:  1835-5412
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