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Title: Abdominal wall healing in incisional hernia using different biomaterials in rabbits.
Authors: Aramayo, Ana Letícia Gomes
Lopes Filho, Gaspar de Jesus
Barbosa, Cirênio de Almeida
Amaral, Vânia da Fonseca
Costa, Luciano Assis
Keywords: Hernia
Surgical Mesh
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: ARAMAYO, A. L. G. et al. Abdominal wall healing in incisional hernia using different biomaterials in rabbits.Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira, v. 28, p. 307-316, 2013. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 29 ago. 2017.
Abstract: PURPOSE: To investigate abdominal wound healing using specific biomaterials in incisional hernias. METHODS: Incisional hernias were produced in 40 rabbits, after that they were reoperated with or without the use of meshes: PREMILENE® (PPL), ULTRAPRO® (UP), PROCEED® (PCD) or repairing without mesh (TRANSPALB). After 30 days a macroscopic and microscopic study of the part withdrawn from the abdominal wall was performed. RESULTS: Macroscopic: adhesion Area: PPL> UP and PCD (p = 0.031). Vascularization: PPL> UP and PCD (p = 0.001). PPL groups (p = 0.032) and PCD (p <0.001) showed greater meshes shrinkages when compared to UP. Microscopic: neutrophils: PCD> PPL, UP and TRANSPALB (p = 0.010); eosinophils: PPL> UP, and TRANSPALB PCD (p = 0.010); granulation tissue: PPL and PCD> UP and TRANSPALB (p <0.001); macrophages : PPL, UP and PCD> TRANSPALB (p <0.001); lymphocytes: PPL and PCD> UP (p = 0.009) and TRANSPALB (p <0.001); giant cells: PPL, UP and PCD> TRANSPALB (p <0.001); viscera adhered: PPL and UP> PCD and TRANSPALB (p <0.001). CONCLUSION: All types of meshes caused the formation of adhesions. The UP and PCD groups showed lower area and vascularization of the adhesions. The PPL and PCD groups showed higher meshes shrinkage and there was a predominance of acute inflammatory process in the PCD group.
ISSN: 16782674
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