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dc.contributor.authorBasílio, Márcio Silva-
dc.contributor.authorSoares, Antônio Carlos Pedrosa-
dc.contributor.authorEvangelista, Hanna Jordt-
dc.identifier.citationBASÍLIO, M. S.; SOARES, A. C. P.; EVANGELISTA, H. J. Depósitos de alexandrita de Malacacheta, Minas Gerais. Geonomos, Belo Horizonte, v. 8, n.1, p. 47-54, 2000. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 20 de jun. 2017.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractSince 1975, alexandrite [Be(Al2-xCrx)2O4], the chromium-bearing crysoberyl variety, has been exploited from alluvial and paleo-alluvial deposits in the Malacacheta region. The alluvial deposits consist of resedimented gravel along the present drainage streams. The paleo-alluvial deposits are richer in alexandrite, and show well-developed soil horizons covering the alexandrite-bearing gravel layer. Alexandrite grains show angular shapes with very sharp edges, suggesting transport for short distances. The country rocks are quartz-mica schist and peraluminous mica schist (Salinas Formation), covered by alternating mica schist and quartzite layers (Capelinha Formation). Both formations are of Neoproterozoic age. They host tectonic slabs of metaultramafic rocks, and are cut by intrusive granites of Cambrian age. No alexandrite-bearing rock has been found in the area, probably due to the intense tropical weathering. However, some of the mapped rocks are sources for Be (granites), Cr (metaultramafics) and Al (peraluminous schists), the essential elements for alexandrite crystallization. We suggest a metasomatic system of Cambrian age for alexandrite genesis in the area, involving the interaction of granite-related Be-rich fluids with metaultramafic rocks and peraluminous schists.pt_BR
dc.titleDepósitos de alexandrita de Malacacheta, Minas Gerais.pt_BR
dc.typeArtigo publicado em periodicopt_BR
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