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Title: Associations of flavonoids and natural dyes in the control of lipidic metabolism.
Authors: Ricardo, Kelly Fabiane Santos
Oliveira, Tânia Toledo de
Nagem, Tanus Jorge
Pinto, Aloísio da Silva
Stringheta, Paulo César
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: RICARDO, K. F. S. et al. Associations of flavonoids and natural dyes in the control of lipidic metabolism. Acta Farmaceutica Bonaerense, Buenos Aires, v. 18, n.2, p. 127-130, 1999. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 20 maio 2017.
Abstract: The present work evaluates the effects of rutin and naringenin, isolated and in association with anthocyanin and monascus, on lipidic metabolism of rats. These compounds were dissolved in propylene glycol and administered by intraperitoneal route in two doses of 5mg/kg of body weight. The first dose was administered together witli the Triton, compouiid responsible for induction of hyperlipidaemia, and the second, twenty hours later. After fourty three hours of the first dose aiid Triton administration, the blood was retreat and cliolesterol, HDL-cholesterol, and triacylglycerols were dosed. Results evidence the largest percentual reduction of cholesterol for naringenin + monascus, naringenin + anthocyanin, rutin + monascus and rutin + anthocyanin . On the other hand, for HDL-cholesterol, the best results were obtained with naringenin alone. Finally, the best reduction of triacylglycerols levels was showed for naringenin, naringenin + monascus and rutin + anthocyanin associations.
ISSN: 0326-2383
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