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Title: Triterpene esters isolated from leaves of Maytenus salicifolia Reissek.
Authors: Miranda, Roqueline Rodrigues Silva de
Silva, Grácia Divina de Fátima
Duarte, Lucienir Pains
Vieira Filho, Sidney Augusto
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: MIRANDA, R. R. S. et al. Triterpene esters isolated from leaves of Maytenus salicifolia Reissek. Helvetica Chimica Acta, v. 90, p. 652-658, 2007. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 20 jan. 2017.
Abstract: The triterpene ester (3b)-olean-18-en-3-yl stearate (1), together with (3b)-urs-12-en-3-yl stearate (2), and (3b)-lup-20(29)-en-3-yl stearate (3) were isolated from leaves of Maytenus salicifolia Reissek (Celastraceae). The structure of 1, a new compound, including its configuration, was established by 1H, 13C, and DEPT-135 NMR data, including 2D experiments( HSQC, HMBC, COSY, and NOESY). The molecular mass (692 Da) was confirmed by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (CG/ MS).
ISSN: 1522-2675
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