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Title: A systemic functional description of modal particles in brazilian Portuguese : the system of assessment.
Other Titles: Uma descrição sistêmico-funcional dos marcadores discursivos avaliativos em português brasileiro : a gramática das partículas modais.
Authors: Figueredo, Giacomo Patrocinio
Keywords: Interpersonal discourse markers
Modal particles
System of assessment
Description of brazilian portuguese
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: FIGUEREDO, G. P. A systemic functional description of modal particles in brazilian Portuguese: the system of assessment. Alfa: Revista de Linguística, v. 59, p. 281, 2015. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 07 ago. 2016.
Abstract: This paper aims at describing interpersonal discourse markers in Brazilian Portuguese related to assessment orientation. More specifically, it offers a systemic functional description of the system of ASSESSMENT. In Brazilian Portuguese, ASSESSMENT is realized by Modal Particles. As a consequence, a description of Modal Particles is presented including their class organization and frequency along modes (spoken/written & monologue/ dialogue) and text types. The method consists of a corpus compilation based on the language typology in the context of culture, and a trinocular analysis of Modal Particle functions: “from below” separating them out in terms of class and delicacy; “from roundabout”, in their interdependency to the interpersonal systems of MOOD and MODALITY; and “from above”, describing ASSESSMENT contributions to the unfolding of dialogue. Results suggest ASSESSMENT is a continuity to MOOD, consisting of more delicate MOOD options, and a complementarity to MODALITY, responding for the evaluation of speaker’s role and realizing part of ENGAGEMENT.
ISSN: 1981-5794
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