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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Determinants of Absorptive Capacity : a systematic literature review.Silveira, Naijela Janaina Costa; Ferraz, Diogo; Mello, Diego Scarpa de; Silva, Eduardo Polloni; Rebelatto, Daisy Aparecida do Nascimento; Moralles, Herick Fernando
2021COVID health structure index : the vulnerability of Brazilian microregions.Ferraz, Diogo; Mariano, Enzo Barberio; Manzine, Patricia Regina; Moralles, Herick Fernando; Morceiro, Paulo César; Torres, Bruno Guimarães; Almeida, Mariana Rodrigues de; Mello, João Carlos Soares de; Rebelatto, Daisy Aparecida do Nascimento
2021Exploring the heterogenous impacts of environmental taxes on environmental footprints : an empirical assessment from developed economies.Rafique, Muhammad Zahid; Fareed, Zeeshan; Ferraz, Diogo; Ikram, Majid; Huang, Shaoan
2021Environmental Kuznets curve and the pollution-halo/haven hypotheses : an investigation in Brazilian municipalities.Silva, Eduardo Polloni; Ferraz, Diogo; Camioto, Flávia de Castro; Rebelatto, Daisy Aparecida do Nascimento; Moralles, Herick Fernando
2021The human development index with multiple data envelopment analysis approaches : a comparative evaluation using social network analysis.Mariano, Enzo Barberio; Ferraz, Diogo; Gobbo, Simone Cristina de Oliveira
2021Linking economic complexity, diversification, and industrial policy with sustainable development : a structured literature review.Ferraz, Diogo; Falguera, Fernanda Pereira Sartori; Mariano, Enzo Barberio; Hartmann, Dominik
2021The drivers of energy-related CO2 emissions in Brazil : a regional application of the STIRPAT model.Silva, Eduardo Polloni; Silveira, Naijela Janaina Costa; Ferraz, Diogo; Mello, Diego Scarpa de; Moralles, Herick Fernando
2021Comparing cars with apples? : identifying the appropriate benchmark countries for relative ecological pollution rankings and international learning.Hartmann, Dominik; Ferraz, Diogo; Bezerra, Mayra; Pyka, Andreas; Pinheiro, Flávio L.
2021Modeling the building blocks of country-level absorptive capacity : comparing developed and emergent economies.Silveira, Naijela Janaina Costa; Ferraz, Diogo; Silva, Eduardo Polloni; Mello, Diego Scarpa de; Falguera, Fernanda Pereira Sartori; Moralles, Herick Fernando
2021Mechanization in sugarcane production and other agricultural activities : an econometric analysis of employment and income.Ferraz, Diogo; Oliveira, Fabíola Cristina Ribeiro de; Rebelatto, Daisy Aparecida do Nascimento; Pyka, Andreas