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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Vibrational spectroscopy of the borate mineral gaudefroyite Ca4Mn3-x3+ (BO3)3 (CO3) (O;OH) from N’Chwaning II mine, Kalahari, Republic of South Africa.Frost, Ray Leslie; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; López, Andrés; Xi, Yunfei; Gobac, Željka Žigovečki; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho
2014The molecular structure of the borate mineral rhodizite (K, Cs) Al4Be4(B, Be)12O28 – a vibrational spectroscopic study.Frost, Ray Leslie; López, Andrés; Xi, Yunfei; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Souza, Larissa; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho
2014Characterization of the sulphate mineral coquimbite, a secondary iron sulphate from Javier Ortega mine, Lucanas Province, Peru – Using infrared, Raman spectroscopy and thermogravimetry.Frost, Ray Leslie; Gobac, Željka Žigovečki; López, Andrés; Xi, Yunfei; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Lima, Rosa Malena Fernandes