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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Zircon in emplacement borders of post-collisional plutons compared to country rocks : a study on morphology, internal texture, U–Th–Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes (Araçuaí orogen, SE Brazil).Araujo, Cristina Santos; Soares, Antônio Carlos Pedrosa; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Dussin, Ivo Antonio; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento; Serrano, Paula; Medeiros Júnior, Edgar Batista de
2021Paleoproterozoic granitic magmatism in the northern São Francisco Craton, NE Brazil : new perspectives from geochemistry, zircon U–Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes.Barbosa, Rafael Gordilho; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Zincone, Stéfano Albino
2020LA-ICP-MS U–Pb dating of rutiles associated with hydrothermal mineralization along the southern Araçuaí Belt, SE Brazil.Santos, Maristella Moreira; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Buick, Ian S.; Kamo, Sandra L.; Corfu, Fernando; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento
2020Obtaining and maintaining the distribution of natural reference materials for UPb geochronology by LA-ICP-MS : protocols and future perspectives.Gonçalves, Guilherme de Oliveira; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Buick, Ian S.; Santos, Maristella Moreira
2020Paleoproterozoic juvenile magmatism within the northeastern sector of the São Francisco paleocontinent : insights from the shoshonitic high Ba–Sr Montezuma granitoids.Bersan, Samuel Moreira; Costa, Alice Fernanda de Oliveira; Danderfer Filho, André; Abreu, Francisco Robério de; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento; Storey, Craig Darryl; Moreira, Hugo Souza
2020Oceanic crust and mantle evidence for the evolution of tonian-cryogenian ophiolites, southern Brasiliano Orogen.Werle, Mariana; Hartmann, Leo Afraneo; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Silva, Juliana Pertille da; Michelin, Cassiana Roberta Lizzoni; Remus, Marcus Vinicius Dorneles; Roberts, Malcolm; Castro, Marco Paulo de; Leandro, Carolina Gonçalves; Savian, Jairo Francisco
2020Provenance shift through time in superposed basins : from early cryogenian glaciomarine to late ediacaran orogenic sedimentations (Araçuaí Orogen, SE Brazil).Castro, Marco Paulo de; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento; Martins, Maximiliano de Souza; Soares, Antônio Carlos Pedrosa; Oliveira, Leon Dias; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Babinski, Marly; Alkmim, Ana Ramalho; Silva, Marco Antônio da
2020Deciphering the source of multiple U–Pb ages and complex Hf isotope composition in zircon from post-collisional charnockite-granite associations from the Araçuaí orogen (southeastern Brazil).Melo, Marilane Gonzaga de; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Stevens, Gary; Hartwig, Marcos Eduardo; Pimenta, Marcel Sarcinelli; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias
2020Detrital zircon records of the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic rift-sag Tamanduá group in its type-section, Northern Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil.Dutra, Luiz Fernandes; Dias, Sérgio Patusco; Martins, Maximiliano de Souza; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Batista, Ana Carolina; Tavares, Túlio Delôgo
2020Integrated ophiolite and arc evolution, southern Brasiliano Orogen.Alves, Tiara Cerva; Hartmann, Leo Afraneo; Remus, Marcus Vinicius Dorneles; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho