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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200557Fe-Mössbauer spectroscopy on natural eosphorite-childrenite-ernstite samples.Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Karfunkel, Joachim; Bermanec, Vladimir; Chaves, Mario Luiz de Sá Carneiro
2010Study of loss-on-ignition anomalies found in ashes from combustion of iron-rich coal.Vandenberghe, Robert Emile; Resende, Valdirene Gonzaga de; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Grave, Eddy De
2011Carbon nanostructures-modified expanded vermiculites produced by chemical vapor deposition from ethanol.Purceno, Aluir Dias; Barrioni, Breno Rocha; Dias, Anderson; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Lago, Rochel Montero; Moura, Flávia Cristina Camilo
2009The use of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for the characterization of iron ores.Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Barrón, Vidal; Ferreira, César Mendonça; Torrent, José
2016Coprecipitation of aluminum goethite and amorphous Al-hydroxy-sulfate using urea and characterization of the thermal decomposition products.Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Grave, Eddy De
2018Defciency of water molecules in the crystallographic structure of vauxite.Alboom, Antoine Van; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Grave, Eddy De
2016Water determination in iron oxyhydroxides and iron ores by Karl Fischer titration.Cunha, Camila Cristina Rodrigues Ferreira da; Costa, Geraldo Magela da
199657Fe Mössbauer effect study of Al-substituted lepidocrocites.Grave, Eddy De; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Bowen, L. H.; Schwertmann, U.; Vandenberghe, Robert Emile
1998Characterisation of soil-oxide analogs by applied-field 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy.Grave, Eddy De; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Bowen, L. H.; Barrero, C. A.; Vandenberghe, Robert Emile
2006Effect of heat treatment on tourmaline from Brazil.Castañeda, Cristiane; Eeckhout, Sigrid G.; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Botelho, Nilson Francisquini; Grave, Eddy De