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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Ru(II)-based complexes with N-(acyl)-N′,N′-(disubstituted)thiourea ligands : synthesis, characterization, BSA- and DNA-binding studies of new cytotoxic agents against lung and prostate tumour cells.Correa, Rodrigo de Souza; Oliveira, Katia Mara de; Delolo, Fábio Godoy; Alvarez Hernández, Anislay; Mocelo, Raúl; Plutin, Ana M.; Cominetti, Márcia Regina; Castellano, Eduardo Ernesto; Batista, Alzir Azevedo
2017Ruthenium(II)/triphenylphosphine complexes : an effective way to improve the cytotoxicity of lapachol.Oliveira, Katia Mara de; Correa, Rodrigo de Souza; Barbosa, Marília Imaculada Frazão; Ellena, Javier Alcides; Cominetti, Márcia Regina; Batista, Alzir Azevedo
2019Ru(II) complexes containing uracil nucleobase analogs with cytotoxicity against tumor cells.Correa, Rodrigo de Souza; Bomfim, Larissa Mendes; Oliveira, Katia Mara de; Moreira, Diogo Rodrigo de Magalhães; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Ellena, Javier Alcides; Bezerra, Daniel Pereira; Batista, Alzir Azevedo
2019cis-bis(N-benzoyl-N0 ,N0 -dibenzylthioureido) platinum(II) : synthesis, molecular structure and its interaction with human and bovine serum albumin.Correa, Rodrigo de Souza; Oliveira, Katia Mara de; Pérez, Hiram; Stevens, Ana María Plutín; Cairo, Raúl Ramos; Mocelo, Raúl; Castellano, Eduardo Ernesto; Batista, Alzir Azevedo