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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Structural and vibrational properties of phase - pure monoclinic NdLuO3 interlanthanides synthesized from nanostructured precursors.Soares, Júlia Cristina; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2010Magnetic amphiphilic composites based on carbon nanotubes and nanofibers grown on an inorganic matrix : effect on water-oil interfaces.Oliveira, Aline A. S.; Teixeira, Ivo Freitas; Ribeiro, Leandro Passos; Tristão, Juliana Cristina; Dias, Anderson; Lago, Rochel Montero
2011Carbon nanostructures-modified expanded vermiculites produced by chemical vapor deposition from ethanol.Purceno, Aluir Dias; Barrioni, Breno Rocha; Dias, Anderson; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Lago, Rochel Montero; Moura, Flávia Cristina Camilo
2018Electrocatalytic performance of different cobalt molybdate structures for water oxidation in alkaline media.Rodriguez, Mariandry del Valle Rodriguez; Stolzemburg, Matheus Cata Preta; Bruziquesi, Carlos Giovani Oliveira; Silva, Adilson Cândido da; Abreu, Cíntia Grossi de; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Oliveira, Luiz Carlos Alves de; Pires, Maíra dos Santos; Lacerda, Lívia Clara Tavares; Ramalho, Teodorico de Castro; Dias, Anderson; Pereira, Márcio César
2018Investigation of polymorphism and vibrational properties of MnMoO4 microcrystals prepared by a hydrothermal process.Martins, Guilherme Mendes; Coelho, Pâmela de Oliveira; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2018Hydrothermal synthesis and polarized micro-Raman spectroscopy of copper molybdates.Martins, Guilherme Mendes; Coelho, Pâmela de Oliveira; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2018Raman and infrared spectroscopic investigations of a ferroelastic phase transition in Ba2ZnTeO6 double perovskite.Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Lobo, Ricardo P. S. M.; Ramos, Sérgio L. L. M.; Sebastian, Mailadil T.; Matinaga, Franklin Massami; Righi, Ariete; Dias, Anderson
2018Polarization‐resolved Raman modes of monoclinic SrAl2O4 ceramics.Dias, Anderson; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2011Synthesis and properties of A6B2(OH)16Cl2.Dias, Anderson; Cunha, Lumena; Vieira, Andiara de Carvalho
2017High-temperature antiferroelectric and ferroelectric phase transitions in phase pure LaTaO4.Abreu, Yuslín Gonzále; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Matinaga, Franklin Massami; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson