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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Doping : o papel do educador farmacêutico.Nagem, Tanus Jorge
2009Phosphotungstic heteropoly acid as efficient heterogeneous catalyst for solvent-free isomerization of a-pinene and longifolene.Rocha, Kelly Alessandra da Silva; Robles Azocar, Patrícia Alejandra; Kozhevnikov, Ivan V.; Gusevskaya, Elena Vitalievna
2009Cobalt-catalyzed oxidation of terpenes : Co-MCM-41 as an efficient shape-selective heterogeneous catalyst for aerobic oxidation of isolongifolene under solvent-free conditions.Robles Azocar, Patrícia Alejandra; Rocha, Kelly Alessandra da Silva; Sousa, Edésia Martins Barros de; Gusevskaya, Elena Vitalievna