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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001About the Morin transition in hematite in relation with particle size and aluminum substitution.Vandenberghe, Robert Emile; San, E. Van; Grave, Eddy De; Costa, Geraldo Magela da
2009Heterogeneous Fenton reactants : a study of the behavior of iron oxide nanoparticles obtained by the polymeric precursor method.Giraldi, Tânia Regina; Arruda, Cezar Carvalho de; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Silva, Elson Longo da; Oliveira, Cauê Ribeiro de
2006Effect of heat treatment on tourmaline from Brazil.Castañeda, Cristiane; Eeckhout, Sigrid G.; Costa, Geraldo Magela da; Botelho, Nilson Francisquini; Grave, Eddy De
2002Al hematites prepared by homogeneous precipitation of oxinates : material characterization and determination of the Morin transition.Costa, Geraldo Magela da; San, E. Van; Grave, Eddy De; Vandenberghe, Robert Emile; Barrón, Vidal; Datas, L.