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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Influence of thermomechanical processing on shear bands formation and magnetic properties of a 3% Sinon-oriented electrical steel.Dafé, Sara Silva Ferreira de; Paolinelli, Sebastião da Costa; Cota, André Barros
2012Effect of the low temperature annealing on primary and secondary structures and magnetic properties of Fe-3% Si.Cesar, Maria das Graças Melo Moreira; Paolinelli, Sebastião da Costa; Alcântara, Fabrício Luiz; Cota, André Barros
2008The influence of shear bands on final structure and magnetic properties of 3% Si non-oriented silicon steel.Paolinelli, Sebastião da Costa; Cunha, Marco Antônio da; Cota, André Barros
2013Texture and magnetic properties improvement of a 3% Si non-oriented electrical steel by Sb addition.Rodrigues, Marcio Ferreira; Cunha, Marco Antônio da; Paolinelli, Sebastião da Costa; Cota, André Barros
2015Influence of initial annealing on structure evolution and magnetic properties of 3.4% Si non-oriented steel during final annealing.Pedrosa, Josiane Simões Mendanha; Paolinelli, Sebastião da Costa; Cota, André Barros