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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Structural and spectroscopic characterization of bis[1- (diaminomethylene)thiouron-1-ium] naphthalene-1,5-disulfonate.Felix, Marcela Campanha; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Janczak, Jan
2017Growth and structural analysis of ammonium nickel cobalt sulfate hexahydrate crystals.Oliveira, Michelle de; Ghosh, Santunu; Pacheco, Tiago de Sousa; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Franco, Carlos Joel
1999Topological analysis of the experimental electron density of diisocyanomethane at 115 K.Koritsànszky, Tibor; Buschmann, Jürgen; Lentz, Dieter; Luger, Peter; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Röttger, Matthias
2009Supramolecular aggregation in new crystals with nonlinear optical properties : 2-aminophenol-HClO4, 3-aminophenol-HClO4 and 4-aminophenol-HClO4.Janczak, Jan; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio
2018Growth and characterization of ammonium nickel-cobalt sulfate Tutton’s salt for UV light applications.Ghosh, Santunu; Oliveira, Michelle de; Pacheco, Tiago de Sousa; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Franco, Carlos Joel
2017Growth and characterization of potassium cobalt nickel sulfate hexahydrate crystals : a new UV light filter.Pacheco, Tiago de Sousa; Ghosh, Santunu; Oliveira, Michelle de; Barbosa, Ananias Alves; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Franco, Carlos Joel
2009Hydrogen-bonding one-dimensional arrangement in the crystal of N-phenyl-2-hydroxyacetamide.Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Janczak, Jan
2006Synthesis, crystal structure and charge transport properties of one-electron oxidized zirconium diphthalocyanine, [ZrPc2]IBr2.Janczak, Jan; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio
2003Syntheses, crystal structure and spectroscopic characterization of novel N-R-sulfonyldithiocarbimate zinc(II) complexes.Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Oliveira, Marcelo Ribeiro Leite; Janczak, Jan; Vieira, Heulla P.; Amaral, Fabiana F.; Bellis, Vito M. De
2009Syntheses, crystal structure, spectroscopic characterization and antifungal activity of new N-R-sulfonyldithiocarbimate metal complexes.Alves, Leandro de Carvalho; Rubinger, Mayura Marques Magalhães; Lindemann, Renata Hernandez; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Janczak, Jan; Miranda, Liany Divina Lima; Zambolim, Laércio; Oliveira, Marcelo Ribeiro Leite