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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A simple model for solute–solvent separation through nanopores based on core-softened potentials.Vasconcelos, Cláudia Karina Barbosa de; Batista, Ronaldo Junio Campos; Régis, McGlennon da Rocha; Manhabosco, Taíse Matte; Oliveira, Alan Barros de
2016Molecular dynamics simulations of momentum and thermal diffusion properties of near-critical argon along isobars.Nichele, Jakler; Borges Júnior, Itamar; Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Alves, Leonardo Santos de Brito
2010Effects of the attractive interactions in the thermodynamic, dynamic, and structural anomalies of a two length scale potential.Silva, Jonathas Nunes da; Salcedo, Evy; Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes
2007Interplay between structure and density anomaly for an isotropic core-softened ramp-like potential.Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes; Netz, Paulo Augusto
2005Density anomaly in a competing interactions lattice gas model.Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes
2011Core-softened fluids, water-like anomalies, and the liquid-liquid critical points.Salcedo, Evy; Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Barraz Júnior, Ney Marçal; Chakravarty, Charusita; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes
2011Dynamics of the contact between a ruthenium surface with a single nanoasperity and a flat ruthenium surface : molecular dynamics simulations.Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Fortini, Andrea; Buldyrev, Sergey V.; Srolovitz, David
2010Entropy, diffusivity and the energy landscape of a waterlike fluid.Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Salcedo, Evy; Chakravarty, Charusita; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes
2012Diffusion enhancement in core-softened fluid confined in nanotubes.Bordin, José Rafael; Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Diehl, Alexandre; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes
2018Apparent softening of wet graphene membranes on a microfluidic platfor.Ferrari, Gustavo Arrighi; Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Almeida, Ive Silvestre de; Matos, Matheus Josué de Souza; Batista, Ronaldo Junio Campos; Fernandes, Thales Fernando Damasceno; Meireles, Leonel Muniz; Silva Neto, Eliel Gomes da; Chacham, Helio; Neves, Bernardo Ruegger Almeida; Lacerda, Rodrigo Gribel