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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018On integrability of the geodesic deviation equation.Cariglia, Marco; Houri, Tsuyoshi; Krtous, Pavel; Kubiznak, David
2018Ion traps and the memory effect for periodic gravitational waves.Zhang, P. M.; Cariglia, Marco; Duval, C.; Elbistan, M.; Gibbons, G. W.; Horvathy, P. A.
2018General theory of Galilean gravity.Cariglia, Marco
2017Zero helicity states in the LaAlO3-SrTiO3 interface : the origin of the mass anisotropy.Rodrigues, Edinardo Ivison Batista; Doria, Mauro M.; Paredes, Alfredo Andres Vargas; Cariglia, Marco; Perali, Andrea
2017Curvature-tuned electronic properties of bilayer graphene in an effective four-dimensional spacetime.Cariglia, Marco; Giambò, Roberto; Perali, Andrea
2018Electronic properties of curved few-layers graphene : a geometrical approach.Cariglia, Marco; Giambò, Roberto; Perali, Andrea
2018Cosmological aspects of the Eisenhart–Duval lift.Cariglia, Marco; Galajinsky, Anton; Gibbons, G. W.; Horvathy, Peter
2011Dirac equation in Kerr-NUT-(A)dS spacetimes : intrinsic characterization of separability in all dimensions.Cariglia, Marco; Krtous, Pavel; Kubiznak, David
2011Commuting symmetry operators of the Dirac equation, Killing-Yano and Schouten-Nijenhuis brackets.Cariglia, Marco; Krtous, Pavel; Kubiznak, David
2013Electron in higher-dimensional weakly charged rotating black hole spacetimes.Cariglia, Marco; Frolov, Valeri P.; Krtous, Pavel; Kubiznak, David