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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021IoT registration and authentication in smart city applications with blockchain.Ferreira, Célio Márcio Soares; Garrocho, Charles Tim Batista; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Silva, Jorge Sá; Cavalcanti, Carlos Frederico Marcelo da Cunha
2021Cervical cancer : automation of Pap test screening.Rezende, Mariana Trevisan; Bianchi, Andrea Gomes Campos; Carneiro, Cláudia Martins
2021Hierarchical median narrow band for level set segmentation of cervical cell nuclei.Braga, Alan Magalhães; Marques, Régis Cristiano Pinheiro; Medeiros, Fátima Neusizeuma Sombra de; Rocha Neto, Jeová Farias Sales; Bianchi, Andrea Gomes Campos; Carneiro, Cláudia Martins; Ushizima, Daniela Mayumi
2020Heuristic methods to consecutive block minimization.Soares, Leonardo Cabral da Rocha; Reinsma, Jordi Alves; Nascimento, Luis H. L.; Carvalho, Marco Antonio Moreira de
2020Real-time systems implications in the blockchain-based vertical integration of industry 4.0.Silva, Mateus Coelho; Ferreira, Célio Márcio Soares; Cavalcanti, Carlos Frederico Marcelo da Cunha; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo
2021The tactical berth allocation problem with time-variant specific quay crane assignments.Thanos, Emmanouil; Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Santos, Haroldo Gambini; Vancroonenburg, Wim; Berghe, Greet Vanden
2020Multimodal hand gesture recognition combining temporal and pose information based on CNN descriptors and histogram of cumulative magnitudes.Escobedo Cárdenas, Edwin Jonathan; Cámara Chávez, Guillermo
2021Preprocessing and cutting planes with conflict graphs.Brito, Samuel Souza; Santos, Haroldo Gambini
2020Big high-dimension data cube designs for hybrid memory systems.Silva, Rodrigo Rocha; Hirata, Celso Massaki; Lima, Joubert de Castro
2020A non-dominated sorting based customized random-key genetic algorithm for the bi-objective traveling thief problem.Chagas, Jonatas Batista Costa das; Blank, Julian; Wagner, Markus; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas; Deb, Kalyanmoy