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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The sport teams grouping problem.Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Christiaens, Jan; Spieksma, Frits C. R.; Berghe, Greet Vanden
2012A SA-VNS approach for the high school timetabling problem.Brito, Samuel Souza; Fonseca, George Henrique Godim da; Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Santos, Haroldo Gambini; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas
2012Branch-and-cut and hybrid local search for themulti-level capacitated minimum spanning tree problem.Uchoa, Eduardo; Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Souza, Maurício Cardoso de; Martins, Alexandre Xavier; Fukasawa, Ricardo
2016Branch-and-bound with decomposition- based lower bounds for the Traveling Umpire Problem.Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Wauters, Tony; Malderen, Sam Van; Berghe, Greet Vanden
2016Integer programming techniques for the nurse rostering problem.Santos, Haroldo Gambini; Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Gomes, Rafael Antonio Marques; Ribas, Sabir