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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A wavelet-based sampling algorithm for wireless sensor networks applications.Aquino, André Luiz Lins de; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Wanner, Elizabeth Fialho
2013You followed my bot! Transforming robots into influential users in Twitter.Messias, Johnnatan; Schmidt, Lucas; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Souza, Fabrício Benevenuto de
2013RouteSpray : a multiple-copy routing algorithm based on transit routes.Silva, Maurício José da; Teixeira, Fernando Augusto; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo
2012IDEAL-TRAFFIC : a self-adaptive management framework for building monitoring applications with support to network topology changes.Silva, Saul Emanuel Delabrida; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Pereira Junior, Álvaro Rodrigues
2016Wearable HUD for ecological field research applications.Silva, Saul Emanuel Delabrida; D’Angelo, Thiago; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Loureiro, Antônio Alfredo Ferreira
2009A multi-scale statistical control process for mobility and interference identification in IEEE 802.11.Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Loureiro, Antônio Alfredo Ferreira; Freery, Alejandro C.
2016Building wearables for geology.Silva, Saul Emanuel Delabrida; D'Angelo, Thiago; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Loureiro, Antônio Alfredo Ferreira
2019Study about vehicles velocities using time causal Information Theory quantifiers.Silva, Maurício José da; Cavalcante, Tamer Stefani Guimarães; Rosso, Osvaldo Anibal; Rodrigues, Joel José Puga Coelho; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Aquino, André Luiz Lins de
2019Vehicle driver monitoring through the statistical process control.Assunção, Arthur Nascimento; Aquino, André Luiz Lins de; Santos, Ricardo Creonte Câmara de Meira; Guimarães, Rodolfo Labiapari Mansur; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo
2020Cyber-physical production systems retrofitting in context of industry 4.0.Lins, Theo Silva; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo