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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Unveiling a spatial tail breakage outbreak in a lizard population.Galdino, Conrado; Ventura, Stefânia; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates
2017Inter-patient ECG heartbeat classification with temporal VCG optimized by PSO.Garcia, Gabriel; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Gomes, David Menotti; Luz, Eduardo José da Silva
2015Multi-objective dynamic programming for spatial cluster detection.Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Paquete, Luís; Duczmal, Luiz Henrique; Menotti, David; Takahashi, Ricardo Hiroshi Caldeira
2017Deep periocular representation aiming video surveillance.Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Luz, Eduardo José da Silva; Junior, Luiz Antonio Zanlorensi; Gomes, David Menotti
2019Multi-objective approach for multiple clusters detection in data points events.Bodevan, Emerson Cotta; Duczmal, Luiz Henrique; Duarte, Anderson Ribeiro; Silva, Pedro Henrique Lopes; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates
2019Spatial cluster analysis using particle swarm optimization and dispersion function.Oliveira, Dênis Ricardo Xavier de; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Duarte, Anderson Ribeiro; Cançado, André Luiz Fernandes; Luz, Eduardo José da Silva
2019Chimerical dataset creation protocol based on Doddington Zoo : a biometric application with face, eye, and ECG.Silva, Pedro Henrique Lopes; Luz, Eduardo José da Silva; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Moraes, Lauro Ângelo Gonçalves de; Gomes, David Menotti
2018Learning deep off-the-person heart biometrics representations.Luz, Eduardo José da Silva; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Oliveira, Luiz Eduardo Soares de; Schwartz, William Robson; Gomes, David Menotti
2018Border analysis for spatial clusters.Oliveira, Fernando L. P.; Cançado, André Luiz Fernandes; Souza, Gustavo Henrique Costa de; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates; Kulldorff, Martin
2018Evaluating a hierarchical approach for heartbeat classification from ECG.Luz, Eduardo José da Silva; Merschmann, Luiz Henrique de Campos; Menotti, David; Moreira, Gladston Juliano Prates