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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Hybrid metaheuristics and multi-agent systems for solving optimization problems : a review of frameworks and a comparative analysis.Silva, Maria Amélia Lopes; Souza, Sergio Ricardo de; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas; França Filho, Moacir Felizardo de
2018A GVNS algorithm for solving the multi-depot vehicle routing problem.Bezerra, Sinaide Nunes; Souza, Sérgio Ricardo de; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas
2020Biased random-key genetic algorithm for scheduling identical parallel machines with tooling constraints.Soares, Leonardo Cabral da Rocha; Carvalho, Marco Antonio Moreira de
2020A non-dominated sorting based customized random-key genetic algorithm for the bi-objective traveling thief problem.Chagas, Jonatas Batista Costa das; Blank, Julian; Wagner, Markus; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas; Deb, Kalyanmoy
2020Simheuristic-based decision support system for efficiency improvement of an iron ore crusher circuit.Santos, Mauro Sérgio; Pinto, Thomás Vargas Barsante; Lopes Júnior, Ênio; Cota, Luciano Perdigão; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas; Euzébio, Thiago Antônio Melo
2021Tailored heuristics in adaptive large neighborhood search applied to the cutwidth minimization problem.Santos, Vinícius Gandra Martins; Carvalho, Marco Antonio Moreira de
2020MineReduce : an approach based on data mining for problem size reduction.Maia, Marcelo Rodrigues de Holanda; Carvalho, Alexandre Plastino de; Penna, Puca Huachi Vaz