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Title: Creatine supplementation alters power in the wingate test but increases creatinine concentration.
Authors: Pereira, Emerson Rodrigues
Nogueira, Gustavo Magno de Oliveira
Coelho, Daniel Barbosa
Damasceno, William Coutinho
Lima, André Maia
Garcia, Emerson Silami
Gomes Filho, Ary
Keywords: Performance
Cycle ergometer
Ergogenic effects
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: PEREIRA, E. R. et al. Creatine supplementation alters power in the wingate test but increases creatinine concentration. Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte, v. 18, p. 299-302, 2012. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 06 nov. 2015.
Abstract: The aim of this research was to verify the effect of the creatine supplementation on performance in the 10 and 30-second Wingate tests, besides its influence in the creatinine, urea and lactate concentration and body mass of physically active men. This research selected nine volunteers, who were then separated in two groups using the double-blind procedure: creatine group (n=4) and placebo group (n=5).The supplementation was orally administered during ten days. The creatine group ingested 20g of creatine (4 times a day) in the first five days, followed by an ingestion of 5 g/day until the tenth day. The placebo group received the same dosage, but of maltodextrine instead, as placebo. The test protocol performed before and after the supplementation period consisted of an adapted 10-second Wingate test, followed by an interval of 20 minutes for application of the 30-second Wingate test .Blood samples were collected before and after the supplementation period for analysis of creatinine and urea, lactate at rest, 90 seconds after the 10-second test and 180 seconds after the 30-second test. Creatine supplementation promoted significant raise (p<0.05) in maximal power output during the 30-second test, in the mean power output in the 10 second-test, besides the creatinine concentration. The results suggest that creatine supplementation can improve individual performance in high intensity activities and short duration made in cycle ergometer; however, creatine supplementation increases the creatinine concentration at rest.
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