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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antigenic peptides capable of inducing specific antibodies for detection of the major alterations found in type 2B von willebrand disease.Paro, Marina de Oliveira; Ferreira, Cyntia Silva; Vieira, Fernanda Silva; Santana, Marcos Aurélio de; Borges, William de Castro; Lopes, Maria Sueli Silva Namen; Leclercq, Sophie Yvette; Rodrigues, Cibele Velloso; Andrade, Milton Hércules Guerra de
2011The proteasome-ubiquitin pathway in the Schistosoma mansoni egg has development - and morphology - specific characteristics.Mathieson, William; Borges, William de Castro; Wilson, R. Alan
2011Abundance of tegument surface proteins in the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni determined by QconCAT proteomics.Borges, William de Castro; Simpson, Deborah M.; Dowle, Adam A.; Curwen, Rachel S.; Oates, Jane Thomas; Beynon, Robert J.; Wilson, R. Alan
2011Exploring the Fasciola hepatica tegument proteome.Wilson, R. Alan; Wright, Janelle M.; Borges, William de Castro; Manuel, Sophie J. Parker; Dowle, Adam A.; Ashton, Peter D.; Young, Neil D.; Gasser, Robin B.; Spithill, Terry W.
2009Characterization of phosphodiesterase-5 as a surface protein in the tegument of Schistosoma mansoni.Rofatto, Henrique Krambeck; Tararam, Cibele Aparecida; Borges, William de Castro; Wilson, R. Alan; Leite, Luciana Cesar de Cerqueira; Farias, Leonardo Paiva
2013NEDD8 conjugation in Schistosoma mansoni : genome analysis and expression profiles.Pereira, Roberta Verciano; Gomes, Matheus de Souza; Olmo, Roenick Proveti; Sousa, Daniel M.; Passos, Liana Konovaloff Jannotti; Babá, Élio Hideo; Borges, William de Castro; Cota, Renata Guerra de Sá
2015What’s in SWAP? Abundance of the principal constituents in a soluble extract of Schistosoma mansoni revealed by shotgun proteomics.Neves, Leandro Xavier; Sanson, Ananda Lima; Wilson, R. Alan; Borges, William de Castro
2014Conservation and developmental expression of ubiquitin isopeptidases in Schistosoma mansoni.Pereira, Roberta Verciano; Vieira, Helaine Graziele Santos; Oliveira, Victor Fernandes de; Gomes, Matheus de Souza; Passos, Liana Konovaloff Jannotti; Borges, William de Castro; Cota, Renata Guerra de Sá
2008Elimination of Schistosoma mansoni adult worms by rhesus macaques : basis for a therapeutic vaccine?Wilson, R. Alan; Langermans, Jan A. M.; Dam, Govert J. van; Vervenne, Richard A.; Hall, Stephanie L.; Borges, William de Castro; Dillon, Gary P.; Thomas, Alan W.; Coulson, Patricia S.
2011Enzymatic shaving of the tegument surface of live schistosomes for proteomic analysis : a rational approach to select vaccine candidates.Borges, William de Castro; Dowle, Adam A.; Curwen, Rachel S.; Oates, Jane Thomas; Wilson, R. Alan