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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Competition, resources and the ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) mosaic : a comparison of upper and lower canopy.Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Espírito Santo, Nádia Barbosa do; Delabie, Jacques H. C.; Majer, Jonathan David
2007IBISCA-Panama, a large-scale study of arthropod beta-diversity and vertical stratification in a lowland rainforest : rationale, study sites and field protocols.Basset, Yves; Corbara, Bruno; Barrios, Héctor; Cuénoud, Philippe; Leponce, Maurice; Aberlenc, Henri Pierre; Bail, Johannes; Bito, Darren; Bridle, Jonathan R.; Castañomeneses, Gabriela; Cizek, Lukas; Cornejo, Aydee; Curletti, Gianfranco; Delabie, Jacques H. C.; Dejean, Alain; Didham, Raphael K.; Dufrêne, Marc; Fagan, Laura L.; Floren, Andreas; Frame, Dawn M.; Hallé, Francis; Hardy, Olivier J.; Hernandez, Andrés; Kitching, Roger L.; Lewinsohn, Thomas M.; Lewis, Owen T.; Medianero, Enrique; Missa, Olivier; Mitchell, Andrew W.; Mogia, Martin; Novotny, Vojtech; Ødegaard, Frode; Oliveira, Evandro Gama de; Orivel, Jérôme; Ozanne, laire M. P.; Pascal, Olivier; Pinzón, Sara; Rapp, Mathieu; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Roisin, Yves; Roslin, Tomas; Roubik, David W.; Samaniego, Mirna; Schmidl, Jürgen; Sørensen, Line L.; Tishechkin, Alexey K.; Osselaer, Christian Van; Winchester, Neville N.