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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Tending-ants increase survivorship and reproductive success of Calloconophora pugionata Drietch (Hemiptera, Membracidae), a trophobiont herbivore of Myrcia obovata O. Berg (Myrtales, Myrtaceae).Souza, Roberth Fagundes de; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Claro, Kleber Del
2012Effects of the trophobiont herbivore Calloconophora pugionata (Hemiptera) on ant fauna associated with Myrcia obovata (Myrtaceae) in a montane tropical forest.Souza, Roberth Fagundes de; Claro, Kleber Del; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes
2016Extrafloral-nectaries and interspecific aggressiveness regulate day/night turnover of ant species foraging for nectar on Bionia coriacea.Silva, Diego Vinícius Anjos; Caserio, Barbara Machado; Rezende, Felipe Teles; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Claro, Kleber Del; Fagundes, Roberth
2018Limited effects of fire disturbances on the species diversity and structure of ant-plant interaction networks in Brazilian Cerrado.Fagundes, Roberth; Lange, Denise; Silva, Diego Vinícius Anjos; Lima, Filipe Paixão de; Oliveira, Larissa Nahas Domingues de; Corro, Erick J.; Silva, Pricila Bonifácio Gomes; Claro, Kleber Del; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Cruz, Wesley Francisco Dáttilo da
2016Food source availability and interspecific dominance as structural mechanisms of ant-plant-hemipteran multitrophic networks.Fagundes, Roberth; Cruz, Wesley Francisco Dáttilo da; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Gray, Victor Rico; Claro, Kleber Del