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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Environment heterogeneity and seasonal effects in ground-dwelling ant (hymenoptera: formicidae) assemblages in the Parque Estadual do Rio Doce, MG, Brazil.Coelho, Igor R.; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes
2015Evidences that human disturbance simplify the ant fauna associated a Stachytarpheta glabra Cham. (Verbenaceae) compromising the benefits of ant-plant mutualism.Barbosa, B. C.; Fagundes, Roberth; Silva, L. F.; Tofoli, J. F. V.; Santos, A. M.; Imai, B. Y. P.; Gomes, Gabriel Guimarães; Hermidorff, Milla Marques; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes
2015Gymnetis pudibunda, um elo funcional entre o dossel e o solo das florestas.Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Silva, Ana Beatriz Borges da
2010Microscopic variability in mechanical defence and herbivory response in microphyllous leaves of tropical herb species from Serra do Cipó, Brazil.Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Corrêa, Tatiana Lopez; Sousa, Hildeberto Caldas de
2010O bambu Merostachys fischeriana (Bambusoideae: Bambuseae) como habitat para formigas de floresta tropical montana.Fagundes, Roberth; Terra, Gilberto; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Majer, Jonathan David
2018Limited effects of fire disturbances on the species diversity and structure of ant-plant interaction networks in Brazilian Cerrado.Fagundes, Roberth; Lange, Denise; Silva, Diego Vinícius Anjos; Lima, Filipe Paixão de; Oliveira, Larissa Nahas Domingues de; Corro, Erick J.; Silva, Pricila Bonifácio Gomes; Claro, Kleber Del; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Dáttilo, Wesley
2016Crown architecture and leaf anatomic traits influencing herbivory on Clethra scabra Pers. : comparing adaptation to wetlands and drained habitats.Pereira, Jaqueline Alves; Londe, Vinícius; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Sousa, Hildeberto Caldas de
2017Edaphically distinct habitats shape the crown architecture of Lychnophora ericoides Mart. (Asteraceae) on tropical mountaintops.Bueno, Amauri Pires; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Antunes, Daniela Souza; Sousa, Hildeberto Caldas de
2016Food source availability and interspecific dominance as structural mechanisms of ant-plant-hemipteran multitrophic networks.Fagundes, Roberth; Dáttilo, Wesley; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Gray, Victor Rico; Claro, Kleber Del
2016Do fire and seasonality affect the establishment and colonisation of litter arthropods?Anjos, Diego; Silva, Estevão Alves; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes