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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Taxonomic study of Comanthera subg. Thysanocephalus (Eriocaulaceae).Andrade, Livia Echternacht; Sano, Paulo Takeo; Dubuisson, Jean Yves
2006Prevalence of monodominant vigorous tree populations in the tropics : herbivory pressure on Tabebuia species in very different habitats.Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Brown, Valerie K.
1998Free-feeding insect herbivores along environmental gradients in Serra do Cipó : basis for a management plan.Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Carneiro, Marco Antonio Alves; Fernandes, Geraldo Wilson Afonso
2016Extrafloral-nectaries and interspecific aggressiveness regulate day/night turnover of ant species foraging for nectar on Bionia coriacea.Silva, Diego Vinícius Anjos; Caserio, Barbara Machado; Rezende, Felipe Teles; Ribeiro, Sérvio Pontes; Claro, Kleber Del; Fagundes, Roberth
2007Nutrient resorption and patterns of litter production and decomposition in a Neotropical Savanna.Kozovits, Alessandra Rodrigues; Bustamante, Mercedes Maria da Cunha; Garofalo, Catarina R.; Bucci, Sandra; Franco, Augusto Cesar; Goldstein, Guillermo; Meinze, Frederick C.
2017Trap-nesting hymenoptera and their network with parasites in recovered riparian forests Brazil.Araujo, Gustavo Júnior; Fagundes, Roberth; Itabaiana, Yasmine Antonini
2017Overlap in cave usage and period of activity as factors structuring the interactions between bats and ectoparasites.Fagundes, Roberth; Itabaiana, Yasmine Antonini; Aguiar, Ludmilla Moura de Souza
2019Revisiting Paepalanthus subsect. Polycladus (Eriocaulaceae) : re-circumscription, nomenclatural notes and description of a noteworthy new species.Oliveira, Marcelo Trovó Lopes de; Andrade, Livia Echternacht; Sano, Paulo Takeo; Costa, Fabiane Nepomuceno da
2016Three new micro-endemic species of Paepalanthus (Paepalanthoideae, Eriocaulaceae) from Serra do Ambrósio, Minas Gerais, Brazil.Costa, Fabiane Nepomuceno da; Andrino, Caroline Oliveira; Oliveira, Marcelo Trovó Lopes de; Andrade, Livia Echternacht; Sano, Paulo Takeo