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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Principles of culturally relevant education in an ethnomathematical perspective.Rosa, Milton; Orey, Daniel Clark
2020Developing mathematical skills and moral behavior through cultural artifacts : a study of math trail activities at Patan Durbar Square in Nepal.Sharma, Toyanath; Sharma, Trilochan; Orey, Daniel Clark
2020Connecting ethnomathematics and modelling : a mixed methods study to understand the dialogic approach of ethnomodelling.Cortes, Diego Pereira de Oliveira; Orey, Daniel Clark
2021Applying Ethnomodelling to explore glocal mathematical knowledge systems.Orey, Daniel Clark; Rosa, Milton
2020La matematización de las prácticas matemáticas por medio de las perspectivas émica, ética y dialógica de la etnomodelación.Rosa, Milton; Orey, Daniel Clark
2020Etnomodelagem como um movimento de globalização nos contextos da etnomatemática e da modelagem.Rosa, Milton; Orey, Daniel Clark
2020Positionality and creating dialogue in Nepal : connecting ethnomathematics and modelling - the importance of place through ethnomodelling.Orey, Daniel Clark; Rosa, Milton
2020Discussing culturally relevant education and its connection to cultural aspects of mathematics through ethnomathematics.Rosa, Milton; Orey, Daniel Clark
2020Connecting ethnomathematics to the concept of positive deviance.Orey, Daniel Clark; Rosa, Milton
2021Etnomodelando artefatos (balaios) da cultura cafeeira.Dutra, Érika Dagnoni Ruggiero; Orey, Daniel Clark; Rosa, Milton