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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Cross-over, thresholds, and interactions between science and technology : lessons for less-developed countries.Bernardes, Américo Tristão; Albuquerque, Eduardo da Motta e
2008Ecological aspects of Rhodnius nasutus St l, 1859 (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae) in palms of the Chapada do Araripe in Ceará, Brazil.Dias, Fernando Braga Stehling; Bezerra, Cláudia Mendonça; Machado, Evandro Marques de Menezes; Casanova, Cláudio; Diotaiuti, Liléia Gonçalves
2009Efeito do fogo na composição, distribuição e dieta de uma taxocenose de anfíbios anuros de campos rupestres em Ouro Preto, MG.Drummond, Leandro de Oliveira
2004Balancing coordination and synchronization cost in cooperative situated multi-agent systems with imperfect communication.Tavares, Andréa Iabrudi; Campos, Mário Fernando Montenegro
2003Comparative study of high temperature oxidation behaviour in AISI 304 and AISI 439 stainless steels.Sabioni, Antônio Claret Soares; Huntz, Anne Marie; Luz, Elizete Conceição da; Mantel, Marc; Haut, Christian
2005Combining nanoindentation with atomic force microscopy to characterize the mechanical properties of each microconstituent of low carbon steel.Shuman, David James; Oliveira, Fernando Lucas Gonçalves e; Andrade, Margareth Spangler; Cota, André Barros
2010Effect of processing parameters on scale formation during hot steel strip rolling.Lima Júnior, Sergio de Oliveira; Bellon, Júlio Cezar; Souza Júnior, Paulo Antônio de; Araújo, Fernando Gabriel da Silva; Cota, André Barros
2012Effect of the low temperature annealing on primary and secondary structures and magnetic properties of Fe-3% Si.Cesar, Maria das Graças Melo Moreira; Paolinelli, Sebastião da Costa; Alcântara, Fabrício Luiz; Cota, André Barros
2004Effect of the austenitizing temperature on the kinetics of ferritic grain growth under continuous cooling of a Nb microalloyed steel.Cota, André Barros; Lacerda, Cássio Antônio Mendes; Oliveira, Fernando Lucas Gonçalves e; Machado, Fabiano Alcântara; Araújo, Fernando Gabriel da Silva
2010Effects of the attractive interactions in the thermodynamic, dynamic, and structural anomalies of a two length scale potential.Silva, Jonathas Nunes da; Salcedo, Evy; Oliveira, Alan Barros de; Barbosa, Márcia Cristina Bernardes