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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Development and validation of a stability indicating method for quantification of the sesquiterpene lactone eremantholide C from Lychnophora trichocarpha (Brazilian arnica).Henriques, Bárbara Oliveira; Guimarães, Dênia Antunes Saúde; Caldeira, Tamires Guedes; Souza, Jacqueline de
2018In silico and in vitro prediction of gastrointestinal absorption from potential drug eremantholide C.Caldeira, Tamires Guedes; Guimarães, Dênia Antunes Saúde; Dezani, André Bersani; Serra, Cristina Helena dos Reis; Souza, Jacqueline de
2018Determination of intestinal permeability using in situ perfusion model in rats : challenges and advantages to BCS classification applied to digoxin.Caldeira, Tamires Guedes; Ruiz Picazo, Alejandro; Lozoya Agullo, Isabel; Guimarães, Dênia Antunes Saúde; González Álvarez, Marta; Souza, Jacqueline de; González Álvarez, Isabel; Bermejo, Marival
2012HPLC-DAD and UV-Spectrophotometry for the determination of lychnopholide in nanocapsule dosage dorm : validation and application to release kinetic study.Branquinho, Renata Tupinambá; Mosqueira, Vanessa Carla Furtado; Kano, Eunice Kazue; Souza, Jacqueline de; Dorim, Diego Dias Ramos; Guimarães, Dênia Antunes Saúde; Lana, Marta de
2017The influence of seasonality on the content of goyazensolide and on anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperuricemic effects of the ethanolic extract of Lychnophora passerina (Brazilian arnica).Ugoline, Bruno César de Albuquerque; Souza, Jacqueline de; Ferrari, Fernanda Cristina; Ferraz Filha, Zilma Schimith; Coelho, Grazielle Brandão; Guimarães, Dênia Antunes Saúde
2019Polymorphic characterization and implications on biopharmaceutics properties of potential anti-inflammatory drug candidate eremantholide C from Lychnophora trichocarpha (Brazilian Arnica).Caldeira, Tamires Guedes; Guimarães, Dênia Antunes Saúde; Lacerda, Dâmaris Laignier Rodrigues de; Mussel, Wagner da Nova; Yoshida, Maria Irene; Souza, Jacqueline de