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2012Short-term therapy with simvastatin reduces inflammatory mediators and heart inflammation during the acute phase of experimental Chagas disease.Silva, Rafael Rodrigues; Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha; Leite, Camila Megale Almeida; Leite, Romulo; Bahia, Maria Terezinha; Silva, André Talvani Pedrosa da
2008Uridine adenosine tetraphosphate induces contraction and relaxation in rat aorta.Linder, Aurea Elizabeth; Tumbri, Michelle; Linder, Felipe F. P.; Webb, Robert Clinton; Leite, Romulo
2008Comparison of the involvement of protein kinase C in agonist-induced contractions in mouse aorta and corpus cavernosum.Jin, Liming; Teixeira, Cleber E.; Webb, Robert Clinton; Leite, Romulo
2018Early signs of cardiac diastolic dysfunction in ovariectomized WKY and SHR female rats.Martins, Thales Andrade; Mourad, M.; Bideaux, P.; Guimarães, Andrea Grabe; Mosqueira, Vanessa Carla Furtado; Leite, Elaine Amaral; Leite, Romulo; Sicard, P.; Richard, S.
2014Anti-Platelet therapy with clopidogrel prevents endothelial dysfunction and vascular remodeling in aortas from hypertensive rats.Giachini, Fernanda Regina Casagrande; Leite, Romulo; Osmond, David A.; Lima, Victor Vitorino; Inscho, Edward W.; Webb, Robert Clinton; Tostes, Rita de Cassia Aleixo
2008Activation of the ET-1/ETA pathway contributes to erectile dysfunction associated with mineralocorticoid hypertension.Carneiro, Fernando Silva; Nunes, Kenia Pedrosa; Giachini, Fernanda Regina Casagrande; Lima, Victor Vitorino; Carneiro, Zidonia N.; Nogueira, Edson F.; Leite, Romulo; Ergul, Adviye; Rainey, William E.; Webb, Robert Clinton; Tostes, Rita de Cassia Aleixo
2008Adenosine actions are preserved in corpus cavernosum from obese and type II diabetic db/db mouse.Carneiro, Fernando Silva; Giachini, Fernanda Regina Casagrande; Lima, Victor Vitorino; Neotzold, Zidonia Nunes; Leite, Romulo; Inscho, Edward W.; Passaglia, Rita de Cassia Aleixo Tostes; Webb, Robert Clinton
2011Increased cavernosal relaxation by Phoneutria nigriventer toxin, PnTx2-6, via activation at NO/cGMP signaling.Nunes, Kenia Pedrosa; Wynne, B. M.; Cordeiro, Marta do Nascimento; Borges, Marcia Helena; Richardson, Michael; Leite, Romulo; Garcia, Maria Elena de Lima Perez; Webb, Robert Clinton
2012Crucial involvement of actin filaments in celecoxib and morphine analgesia in a model of inflammatory pain.Lima, Patrícia Paiva; Rezende, Rafael Machado; Leite, Romulo; Duarte, Igor Dimitri Gama; Bakhle, Yeshwant Shriharsh; Francischi, Janetti Nogueira de
2009Erectile function in two-kidney, one-clip hypertensive rats is maintained by a potential increase in nitric oxide production.Linder, Elizabeth; Dorrance, Anne M.; Mills, Thomas M.; Webb, Robert Clinton; Leite, Romulo