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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Pattern of alcoholic beverage consumption and academic performance among college students.Aguiar, Aline Silva de; Fausto, Maria Arlene; Fonseca, Vilma Aparecida da Silva; Ciomei, Monique Haddad; Quintaes, Késia Diego
2016Prevalence and reasons for refusal to participate in clinical research.Guimarães, Nathalia Sernizon; Greco, Dirceu Bartolomeu; Fausto, Maria Arlene; Kakehasi, Adriana Maria; Guimarães, Milena Maria Moreira; Tupinambás, Unaí
2016Anthropometric risk factors for metabolic syndrome in HIV patients.Leal, José Adalberto; Fausto, Maria Arlene; Carneiro, Mariângela