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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Small-scale kinematic dynamo and non-dynamo in inertial-range turbulence.Eyink, Gregory L.; Francisco Neto, Antônio
2017The dual of Spivey’s bell number identity from Zeon algebra.Francisco Neto, Antônio
2016A Note on a theorem of Guo, Mezo, and Qi.Francisco Neto, Antônio
2016A note on a theorem of Schumacher.Francisco Neto, Antônio
2011Existence of diproton-like particles in 3 þ 1 lattice QCD with two flavors and strong coupling.Veiga, Paulo Afonso Faria da; O'Carroll, Michael Louis; Francisco Neto, Antônio
2015Carlitz’s identity for the Bernoulli numbers and Zeon algebra.Francisco Neto, Antônio
2013Analytic binding energies for two-baryon bound states in 2 + 1 strongly coupled lattice QCD with two-flavors.O’Carroll, Michael; Veiga, Paulo Afonso Faria da; Francisco Neto, Antônio
2014Zeon algebra and combinatorial identities.Francisco Neto, Antônio; Anjos, Petrus Henrique Ribeiro dos
2013Some indentities for the gradient of the principal invariants, traces and determinants via Grassmann calculus.Francisco Neto, Antônio
2013Matula numbers, Gödel numbering and Fock space.Francisco Neto, Antônio