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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Assessing metal recovery from low-grade copper ores containing fluoride.Sicupira, Lazaro Chaves; Veloso, Tácia Costa; Gonzaga, Flávia Donária Reis; Leão, Versiane Albis
2010Kinetics of ferrous iron oxidation by Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans.Pina, Pablo dos Santos; Oliveira, Víctor de Andrade Alvarenga; Cruz, Flávio Luciano dos Santos; Leão, Versiane Albis
2010High-temperature bioleaching of nickel sulfides : thermodynamic and kinetic implications.Cruz, Flávio Luciano dos Santos; Oliveira, Víctor de Andrade Alvarenga; Guimarães, Damaris; Souza, Adelson Dias de; Leão, Versiane Albis
2014Fundamental aspects related to batch and fixed-bed sulfate sorption by the macroporous type 1 strong base ion exchange resin Purolite A500.Guimarães, Damaris; Leão, Versiane Albis
2014Batch and fixed-bed assessment of sulphate removal by the weak base ion exchange resin Amberlyst A21.Guimarães, Damaris; Leão, Versiane Albis
2014Batch removal of manganese from acid mine drainage using bone char.Sicupira, Dalila Chaves; Silva, T. Tolentino; Leão, Versiane Albis; Mansur, Marcelo Borges
2012The effects of fluoride and aluminum ions on ferrous-iron oxidation and copper sulfide bioleaching with Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans.Veloso, Tácia Costa; Sicupira, Lazaro Chaves; Rodrigues, Isabel Cristina Braga; Silva, Larissa A. M.; Leão, Versiane Albis
2010The kinetics of zinc silicate leaching in sodium hydroxide.Santos, Fabiano Mariel Fernandes dos; Pina, Pablo dos Santos; Porcaro, Rodrigo Rangel; Oliveira, Víctor de Andrade Alvarenga; Silva, Carlos Antônio da; Leão, Versiane Albis
2016Leaching of bornite produced from the sulfurization of chalcopyrite.Veloso, Tácia Costa; Paiva, Paulo Renato Perdigão de; Silva, Carlos Antônio da; Leão, Versiane Albis
2015Copper extraction from coarsely ground printed circuit boards using moderate thermophilic bacteria in a rotating-drum reactor.Rodrigues, Michael Leonardo Marques; Leão, Versiane Albis; Gomes, Otavio; Lambert, Fanny; Bastin, David; Gaydardzhiev, Stoyan