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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Estudo da injeção de misturas de casca de eucalipto com carvão mineral em alto-forno.Oliveira, Ricardo dos Santos; Assis, Carlos Frederico Campos de; Assis, Paulo Santos
2010Energy consumption in smelting reduction (SR) processes.Assis, Paulo Santos; Fang, Jue; Mankhand, Tilak R.; Assis, Carlos Frederico Campos de; Salierno, Giovanni Felice
2015Impact of quality of iron ore lumps on sustainability of mining operations in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero Area.Gomes, Reinaldo Brandão; Tomi, Giorgio Francesco Cesare de; Assis, Paulo Santos
2015Study of biomass applied to a cogeneration system : a steelmaking industry case.Oliveira, Tiago Luís; Assis, Paulo Santos; Leal, Elisângela Martins; Ilídio, Jaderson Rodrigues
2018Effect of briquetting and coal moisture control processes on coke quality.Carias, Marina do Carmo; Silva, Guilherme Liziero Ruggio da; Assis, Paulo Santos; Santos, Cláudio Gouvêa dos
2017The use of rapid prototyping in the joining of fractured historical silver object.Silva, Maria Luiza Seixas de Souza e; Assis, Paulo Santos; Figueiredo Junior, João Cura D'Ars; Pinto, Maria Aparecida; Paula, Daniella Gualberto Caldeira
2018Potencial utilization of the husk from moringa oleifera seed in blast furnace injection.Campos, Alex Milton Albergaria; Novack, Kátia Monteiro; Assis, Paulo Santos
2018Artificial neural networks to prediction fuel rate in the blast furnace operation.Carvalho, Leonard de Araújo; Assis, Paulo Santos
2018Study of the abrasion resistance of Fe-Cu-Nb and NEXT 100® metallic matrices for the manufacture of diamond tools.Oliveira, Hellen Cristine Prata de; Assis, Paulo Santos; Leal, Thales Eduardo; Filgueira, Marcello; Batista, Adriano Corrêa; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Reis, Ana Carolina Fernandes
2019Characterization of coal briquettes using tar as a binding material for use in a coke oven.Assis, Carlos Frederico Campos de; Oliveira, Ricardo dos Santos; Silva, Guilherme Lizieiro Ruggio da; Assis, Paulo Santos