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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004New developments on BE/BE multi-zone algorithms based on krylov solvers - applications to 3D frequency-dependent problems.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Mansur, Webe João; Dors, Cleberson; Martins, Cláudio José
2001An efficient BE iterative-solver-based substructuring algorithm for 3D time-harmonic problems in elastodynamics.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Martins, Cláudio José; Mansur, Webe João
2003Analysis of 3D time-dependent acoustic problems via a generic BE substructuring algorithm based on iterative solvers.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Alberto, Denival Rogério; Dors, Cleberson
2010Boundary-element parallel-computing algorithm for the microstructural analysis of general composites.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; D'Azevedo, Eduardo F.; Gray, Leonard J.
2011Constructing efficient substructure-based preconditioners for BEM systems of equations?Araújo, Francisco Célio de; D'Azevedo, Eduardo F.; Gray, Leonard J.
2006On the use of pseudo-forces to consider initial conditions in 3D time- and frequency-domain acoustic analysis.Martins, Cláudio José; Carrer, José Antonio Marques; Mansur, Webe João; Araújo, Francisco Célio de
2017Boundary-integral-based process for calculating stiffness matrices of space frame elements with axially varying cross section.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Pereira, Renato Antônio Tavares
2014A robustness-based design strategy for composite structures – probabilistic approach.Cunha, Fábio Ribeiro Soares da; Wille, Tobias; Degenhardt, Richard; Sinapius, Michael; Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Zimmermann, Rolf
2006Generic domain decomposition and iterative solvers for 3D BEM problems.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Silva, Kátia Inácio da; Telles, José Cláudio de Faria
2008Analysis of thin-walled structural elements via 3D standard BEM with generic substructuring.Araújo, Francisco Célio de; Gray, Leonard J.