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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018On the nonlinear transient analysis of planar steel frames with semi-rigid connections : from fundamentals to algorithms and numerical studies.Silva, Andréa Regina Dias da; Batelo, Everton André Pimentel; Neves, Francisco de Assis das; Gonçalves, Paulo Batista
2019Dynamic analysis of composite beam and floors with deformable connection using plate, bar and interface elements.Machado, Wanderson Gonçalves; Silva, Amilton Rodrigues da; Neves, Francisco de Assis das
2019Integration methodology of different softwares for constrained tubular truss size optimization problems.Lage, Carmem Miranda; Neves, Francisco de Assis das; Freitas, Marcílio Sousa da Rocha
2014Seleção de topologias ótimas de estruturas elásticas 2D com restriçãode tensão via smooth evolutionary structural optimization.Almeida, Valério da Silva; Simonetti, Hélio Luiz; Neves, Francisco de Assis das
2019Multi-objective topology optimization using the Boundary Element Method.Simonetti, Hélio Luiz; Almeida, Valério da Silva; Neves, Francisco de Assis das; Greco, Marcelo