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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Frequentist–Bayesian Monte Carlo test for mean vectors in high dimension.Silva, Ivair Ramos; Maboudou-Tchao, Edgard M.; Figueiredo, Weslei Lima de
2018Positive interactions may decrease cooperation in social dilemma experiments.Wardi, Lucas Lages; Silva, Ivair Ramos; Silva, Jafferson Kamphorst Leal da
2019Alpha spending for historical versus surveillance Poisson data with CMaxSPRT.Silva, Ivair Ramos; Lopes, Wilson Araujo; Dias, Philipe; Yih, W. Katherine
2019Bayesian Monte Carlo testing with one-dimensional measures of evidence.Silva, Ivair Ramos; Marques, Reinaldo Antônio Gomes
2017Type I error probability spending for post-market drug and vaccine safety surveillancewith poisson data.Silva, Ivair Ramos
2017Type I error probability spending for post–market drug and vaccine safety surveillance with binomial data.Silva, Ivair Ramos
2017Políticas de inclusão social no ensino superior brasileiro : um estudo sobre o perfil socioeconômico de estudantes nos anos 2010 a 2012.Oliveira, Anandra Santos Ribeiro de; Silva, Ivair Ramos
2016Monitoring the mean vector with Mahalanobis kernels.Tchao, Edgard M. Maboudou; Silva, Ivair Ramos; Diawara, Norou
2017Confidence intervals through sequential Monte Carlo.Silva, Ivair Ramos
2017Continuous post-market sequential safety surveillance with minimum events to signal.Kulldorff, Martin; Silva, Ivair Ramos