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Title: Challenges of space and place for corporate ‘citizens’ and healthy mining communities : the case of Logan Lake, BC and Highland Valley Copper.
Authors: McAllister, Mary Louise
Fitzpatrick, Patricia
Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility
Corporate citizenship
Logan Lake
Highland Valley Copper
Place-based governance
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: MCALLISTER, M. L.; FITZPATRICK, P.; FONSECA, A. de F. C. Challenges of space and place for corporate ‘citizens’ and healthy mining communities: the case of Logan Lake, BC and Highland Valley Copper. The Extractive Industries and Society, v., p. 1-10, 2014. Disponível em:<>. Acesso em: 15 out. 2014.
Abstract: Considerable resources have been invested by global mining companies in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities without a clear understanding of whether they are meeting their goals of sustaining affected communities long after a mine closes. It is argued here that effective ‘corporate citizenship’ (which is one way of viewing CSR) requires a deeper and extended understanding of what is implied by ‘citizenship’ in the context of issues of transparency, accountability, responsibility and community engagement. This reframing of CSR is explored through the case study of Logan Lake, British Columbia, Canada. The town is situated adjacent to the Highland Valley Copper (HVC) Mine. Case study research and analysis of this town suggests that the company’s approach to CSR has generated a measure of good will within the community. Findings also reveal, however, that the town faces notable challenges with respect to the provision of health and social services despite a strong sense of community and attractive physical attributes. This paper suggests that effective ‘corporate citizenship’ practices might be better realized through participation in a regional ‘place-based governance’ strategy along with rural and remote communities that have often been marginalized by dominant political and economic interests.
ISSN: 2214-790X
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