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Title: The use of GPR for characterizing underground weathered profiles in the sub-humid tropics.
Authors: Aranha, Paulo Roberto Antunes
Augustin, Cristina Helena Ribeiro Rocha
Sobreira, Frederico Garcia
Keywords: Geophysics
Weathered profile
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: ARANHA, P. R. A.; Augustin, C. H. R. R.; SOBREIRA, F. G. The use of GPR for characterizing underground weathered profiles in the sub-humid tropics. Journal of Applied Geophysics, v. 49, n. 4, p. 195-210, 2002. Disponível em:<>. Acesso em: 15 out. 2014.
Abstract: Ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been used as a tool to access information about ground subsurface features. Such information is very important for different types of studies, varying from those related to archeological research to those studying geological elements of bedrock. More recently, however, GPR has been increasingly applied to environmental studies, especially for soil research. This paper presents the results of an application of GPR for the study of weathered profiles. GPR was used to discover the degree of trustworthiness of the information on the ground subsurface through the interpretation of the results of the radar sections as well as the data collected from boreholes, which reached until 21 m. The results show a relatively high degree of details obtained by GPR, indicating the possibility of speeding up ground subsurface surveys related to geomorphological, geological, and pedological studies.
ISSN: 0926-9851
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